Rental of Apartments

We have advised and handled rental of apartments since 2009

If you are considering renting out your apartment, we offer professional help for you.

We know the best and safest way through the process of renting out your apartment.

Renting out an apartment is a matter of trust and good dialogue between both parties. Home Connector is working proactively to find the right tenant that suits your needs and your apartment.

We are lawyers and know the rules thoroughly from renting, to how the market should be handled when renting out your apartment.

Knowledge and network are the key factors we use to make the rental of your apartment a success.

When renting out an apartment

our task is to meet your needs and expectations. Our service offers everything from a basic package to the full administration of your apartment. Our motivated employees will make your rental easy, and our internal agents will ensure that your apartment is in good hands throughout the entire rental period.

Start the rental of your apartment with a non-compulsory assessment visit and see what we can offer you. Contact us by filling out the form below.
Welcome to Home Connector!

With Home Connector as partner, we promise that the rent of your apartment will be much easier. If you have a vacant apartment we believe that it should be profitable to rent it out. We help renting out, regardless of how long the rental period is and regardless of it being furnished or unfurnished.

An apartment rental of any kind should be simple and safe.

We handle all the practicalities of the rental, so you are sure that nothing goes wrong. When renting out there are many rules that should be considered.

We are with you from the moment you decide to rent out your apartment to the moment the contract is signed.

The right renter

There are many different areas to cover in the process of a rental.

One of the most important is to find the right tenant suitable the apartment. We will help you find a solid tenant in our network of reputable companies, which you and we will feel comfortable with.

We are very careful when selecting the right tenant and are always screening potential tenants, where we look at their work situation, civil status and economy. The right tenant is the key to a successful rent of your apartment.

Once the tenant is found, we will work with you in preparing a legally valid lease that meets your needs.

After the lease is signed

When the lease is signed with the desired tenant, our work does not have to be completely done. We offer an administration package that includes:

  • Reminder Service
  • Janitorial Service
  • Counselling
  • Calling for Service

To be complete, we can also provide cleaning, storage, paint work, gardening and help with moving. If needed, we can also assist with tax-related issues.

Our network is the key

Our network of solid tenants consists primarily of international employees from known companies who are being transferred to Danish departments for a shorter or longer period. We have helped to find apartments and houses to employees from Novo Nordisk, Carlsberg, Microsoft, Topsoe, LEGO, Vestas, Telia, TDC and many more.

A good tenant is the key to a well functioning rental and we are absolutely sure that we can find the perfect tenant for you in our network.

Contact us today and we will make your rental a good experience!