Renting out your home to companies can save you from a myriad of concerns.

Renting out homes to a professional network of companies and their employees has been creating security and peace of mind for our customers for more than 10 years.

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Renting out homes to companies

How we guarantee you the very best basis for a rental relationship with a company

When renting out homes to companies, you want to ensure that your cash flow is stable, that your home is well looked after, and that you spend as little time as possible on it, while away.

In consultation with our partners, we hook up our homes with clients/employees from major international companies – so-called expats. – In legal terms, an expat in your home is no better than any Danish tenant, but the figures do not lie – Our rentals to partners and companies minimise your risk of a damaged property, legal disputes and rent complaint cases. It is important to underline that a company does not pay more for your home than the market in general. In return, though, you have more security than with any private tenant.

Our process of finding the perfect tenant for your home

  1. Thorough screening and check of employee/tenant
  2. Research on financial conditions, including the creditworthiness of the company that wants your home
  3. Professional showings conducted by agents representing the company
  4. We review the contractual relationship with the company/tenant prior to signing
  5. We represent your wishes to the company/relocation firm

Security more important than profit

Our clients often wish only to rent to companies. There can be many reasons for this. Below, we explain a little more about our network, and about the advantages and disadvantages of renting to a company.

Your average landlord is often of the opinion that, if you rent to companies, you avoid all manner of rent complaint issues and general disputes with the tenant. However, this is not entirely true.

According to current legislation, companies have the same objection options as private tenants. In the past, before the legislation was changed, several landlords entered into commercial contracts for private housing. They thereby avoided the Housing Control Act, since the Commercial Danish Rent Act granted them freedom of contract. Since the change in legislation, this is no longer an option, so now companies sign contracts on the same terms as private individuals.

A good rental is a matter of trust between the tenant and the landlord, whether a company or a private individual.

The most important advice we can give when renting out your home is: trust your gut feeling. It is all a matter of trust.

What you see is what you get

Home Connector is all about the very best rental service, run by specialists dedicated to giving you maximum sense of security

At Home Connector, we collaborate with more than 500 companies, relocation agencies, organisations and embassies. Companies whose employees we have rented out homes to include:

Københavns Universitet
Danske Bank

Advantages of renting out your home to companies:

  • Companies pay on time and usually vouch for deposits.
  • We make sure your home is well looked after, so you have a well-maintained home at the end of the rental period. Statistically, there are fewer disputes with expats/companies than in the private market. Companies often have larger budgets than the average private tenant

Disadvantages of renting out your home to companies:

  • Companies are expert negotiators and you may feel ‘under pressure’ when it comes to contractual issues.
  • Companies often make use of a ‘diplomatic clause’, which states that a tenant must always have the option of terminating the fixed-term lease with 3-months’ notice in the event of lay-off or other work-related incidents.