I think in life-long relations with every client. I am convinced that trust and good relations are the key to life and as well to our business. Its about trusting the people we meet on our way, and it is my finest task to make sure that my clients get the feeling that we are taking 100 % care of their investment.


We are fighting for landlord’s rights and to put Danish landlords in the best possible position in their rental situation – That is the answer to our business idea.


Rasmus Brohl
CEO and Founder


We push the limits with a strong globale network

Our most important asset is our network. This is where we stand out, first and foremost. Since 2009 we have done everything that was in our power to maintain an on-going and professional dialogue with some of the largest companies in the country, which have made out network one of the biggest in the business. To us a good home rental is all about good relations and trusting in each other.


Rented homes since 2009


Weeks average duration before rented out


Average return


Actively seeking companies


At Home Connector the client is the one in focus. We strive to make sure that the client gets the best conditions and the best possible tenant for their rental home.

Large global network
Pre screened companies/private tenants
Broad and innovative exposure of your property
Contracts, solely issued by jurists specialised in the rent act
Pro-active review
Winner menatalitet and a sound service level

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