To the safest and best tenants in Denmark, in the Copenhagen and Aarhus area
your path to a safe and secure home rental process

Safe rental agreements, a sound network and a high level of service since 2010.

Our services

Renting out properties to the most attractive base of tenants in Denmark – Low fixed fee, proactive management, and a large network of private individuals as well as companies.
Our concept is simple, and so is the price! 1 month of rent ex VAT, and your home will be in safe hands, regardless of duration, size and location.

Choosing an administration package for your property will provide you freedom as a landlord during the lease.
We will be the primary contact for your tenant and we will take care of all inquiries.
The price is fixed at 379 DKK ex VAT pr. month. In addition, we can prepare your property and ensure that your tenant gets the best possible start to their lease.

Search the absolute best properties and locations. Find, request and be considered for your future dream home.
→ You can also sign up for our search agent, which will inform you about all new leases before they are published.

Available properties

2300 København S
ledig fra 01/04
Kvm 17.500
Kvm118 m2
værelser 3
1263 København K
ledig fra 01/07
Kvm 26.000
Kvm250 m2
værelser 7
2970 Hørsholm
ledig fra 01/05
Kvm 15.950
Kvm146 m2
værelser 5
2100 København Ø
ledig fra 01/04
Kvm 35.000
Kvm277 m2
værelser 5
2000 Frederiksberg
ledig fra 01/04
Kvm 19.500
Kvm123 m2
værelser 4
2610 Rødovre
ledig fra 01/04
Kvm 12.600
Kvm112 m2
værelser 3

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Why Home Connector?

At Home Connector, our primary focus is on our client, the landlord.

Broad and Innovative Exposure of Your Property

We strive to expose ourselves in the places where the best tenants are, and we are great at it. Our collaboration in and with the companies, our SoME platforms and SEO ensures that your home is exposed to the right customers.

Pro-active Review

If you think we take on a property and afterwards just lean back and relax, you are wrong. We work proactively everyday, meaning that we are in constant touch with our network of companies and agents. The competition in the rental market is massive, but we make sure your home is always on top of the pile.

Pre Screened Companies/Private Tenants

All out tenants must undergo the Home Connector “filter”. Meaning that we do a thorough screening of all possible tenants. We look at everything from employment/ work, contracts, salary, soft values and not least, if the future tenant has a disposable amount equivalent to the cost of the rent of the home.

Winner Mentality and a Sound Service Level

We want all of our customers to be 100% satisfied with our workflow. This has made us Denmark’s highest rated housing company on Trustpilot and Google-Trust.

Large Global Network

Our most important asset is our network.
First and foremost, this is where we stand out. Since 2010 we have done everything in our power to obtain a continuous and professional dialogue with some of the biggest companies in Denmark, which has made our network one of the biggest in the business. For us, a good rental is all about good relations and trust in one another.

Contracts, Solely Issued by Jurists Specialized in The Rent Act

Do you want to feel 100% sure, that your lease is properly drawn? Of course you do, and furthermore the lease should be drawn to position you, as a landlord, as good as possible according to the current legislation. We are specialists in rental law, and we are the company in Denmark, drawing up to most leases on a daily basis. Home Connector ApS are also the owners of lejekontrakt-Eksperten.dk.