Renting Out an Apartment Rules

When you renting out an apartment, you should take extra care to include the rules for your particular type of property rental. There is a big difference whether you are an owner, a tenant, or a leaseholder. It is equally important whether you limit the term of your rental period or your tenant should be able to live in the rented property indefinitely. As a rule of thumb, you should refer to the Danish Rent Act. You'll find a link to here.

Be sure to get a professional to draw up your tenancy agreement. Regardless of whether you have an uncle or brother who has rented out apartments before. The Rent Act is changing. It’s important to be 100% updated before you sign a binding agreement with your tenant.

The rules for renting out a privately owned apartment are identical to the rules for renting out a privately owned property. You can find them here.

Leasehold (Multi-ownership) Apartment

If you want to let your leasehold apartment, there are several things you should be aware of.
In many cases, the leaseholders’ association has rules that determine how you should rent out your leasehold apartment. These are in the statutes of the leaseholders’ association. These rules must be observed and they determine whether you may let or not. If it is permitted to rent out your leasehold apartment, you may do so. The same way as you would if your apartment was a privately owned property.
However, as a leaseholder, you are allowed to rent out your apartment to the same extent as you would sublet an apartment. sSee § 69-71 of the Rent Act. However, you may let your leasehold apartment for 2 years in case of illness, exchange or transfer. This is regulated by § 70, Paragraph 1 of the Rent Act.

So if you are going to be away for 2 years, you have the option to rent your leasehold apartment for this time.
The rules for renting out a leasehold apartment, therefore, vary from association to association. Hence, for leaseholders, it is always important to look at the statutes and familiarise yourself with the rules that apply to rent in your particular leaseholders’ association.