Property in North Zealand

If you are you looking for a partner for renting out your property in North Zealand, you’ve come to the right place. We will not put your case aside before you are 100% satisfied with your tenant and the agreement. We have several options that will provide security for both you and the tenant we find for your rented property. We are a small company specializing in rentals in the metropolitan area.

We stand ready to help you through the whole renting process. From when you decide to rent out your property up to when the agreement between the landlord and tenant is signed and your tenant has settled into the tenancy.

Over the years we have helped many larger companies to find rented properties for their employees. But we have also found rented apartments and other tenancies for ordinary people seeking accommodation.

We are the landlord’s representative. Our job is to find suitable tenants and draw up your tenancy agreement, regardless of the type of accommodation you offer.

Our strength is our extensive network of businesses and individuals. This means that we always scan the prospective tenant and ask for their work situation, credit background, marital status, children, etc.

Finally, we also handle all the practicals when the tenancy agreement is in place. This means that we offer a full management service for the tenancy. It includes rent collection, a reminder service, call service, caretaker duties and inspections.

Renting accommodation in North Zealand is a lot more agreeable with a professional partner by your side.

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